Supply Chain

We help identify opportunities for improvements in expansion, distribution and technology

FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES focuses on helping our clients plan and implement complex global supply-chain solutions. We are adaptable and work to automate the supply chain where possible and help you monitor it closely wherever necessary. We specialize in using technology to improve all aspects of your supply chain operations.

Deliver faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before...

The advancement of globalization has introduced incredible opportunities for business to manufacture, ship, and deliver faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. Taking full advantage of these opportunities requires a globally focused mindset as well as a wide range of knowledge and connections.

Simply put, the full scope of information required to maximize a global supply chain is beyond what most smaller companies can bring to bear on a specific product or market. That's where FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICE[]S supply chain expertise comes into play.

We approach supply chain logistics from a strategic perspective. We help you plan, conduct due diligence, and monitor all suppliers, producers, and transportation partners to ensure your products are produced and delivered according to your specifications. Our knowledge of the global economy and conditions in multiple countries across six continents provides the support you need to make the right decisions.

COVID-19 Challenges to supply chain

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected individuals and companies in every part of the world, there has been a ripple effect in the supply chain that is just now starting to be fully measured and understood.

The unprecedented disruption to industries of all kinds created slowdowns in production, fulfillment and worldwide shipping. Partner shipping and fulfillment companies found that they could no longer deliver according to existing contracts. These changes in conditions present large-scale problems not only for getting products landed into local warehousing, but also in terms of budgeting and projecting for the future.

FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES, like everyone else, doesn't have precise answers for when (or if) the supply chain will return to “normal” conditions. But we continue to monitor and update our customers on the best solutions to solving these challenges both in the intermediate term and over the long term.