IT Procurement

Our strategic sourcing expertise enables us to take on the burden of sourcing YOUR IT equipment, services and vendors

We work with international partnerships to find the best pricing, reliable suppliers and top-quality facilities on six continents. Our network of transportation partners support supply solutions of all kinds.

When you are looking to maintain and upgrade your IT systems, finding a solution that fulfills all your needs and stays under budget can be a problem that's too large for many companies. The solution with the least friction (perhaps a previous supplier) may not be the best choice based on cost and performance.

  • First One

    Needs Analysis

    Most organizations don't have the time to complete a full needs analysis and cost comparison every time they need to upgrade their IT systems. But with the help of FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES, you can be sure you have left no possibility unexplored and that you have found and deployed systems that do exactly what you need them to do.

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    System Design

    Knowing how you will use the IT systems helps us classify and design systems that can accomplish your goals without wasting capacity or deploying software and hardware that you will never use. Our carefully considered designs for desktops, laptops, servers, telephony, and data centers are powerful enough to meet your exact needs now and flexible enough to accommodate future requirements.

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    Cost Analysis

    In addition to designing systems that fulfill your performance and capacity needs, FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES has the ability to shop around and find the most cost-effective solutions from multiple suppliers. We present you with the best cost solution across all of our partner suppliers and help you compare and contrast budgeting estimates.

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    Delivery and Setup

    Part of FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES commitment to our IT procurement partners is to provide whatever shipping, receiving and setup services you require. This applies to everything from data center installations to local servers and even laptops and home offices. We support our clients with everything from training and documentation to white-glove setup services and phone support.

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    Ongoing Support

    FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES provides a level of phone and on-site support along with all of our technology solutions. This includes repair and replacement, warranty service and basic user training and support services.

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    Lifecycle Management

    Our equipment planning and provisioning services include the scheduled replacement and disposal of older technology. When the time comes to replace or upgrade, we have a solution in place to ensure that your operations are not interrupted and affected.