With our expertise, we can help transform your business or product line into an efficient and growing operation.

Our experience with business sectors around the world provides us with the ability to understand specific needs and help create large-scale strategies and plan.

As embedded consultants, we understand your business and our obligation to deliver performance and efficiency. Our clients faced the worldwide pandemic knowing that they had the resources of FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES to bring to bear on all the IT and supply chain challenges they faced.

We empower our clients to quickly get from here to there

To remain competitive, you have to learn to master the supply chain.

IT Procurement Consulting

A healthy and productive IT Procurement process begins with an understanding of technology and the specific needs of the user.

procurement manager in warehouse

When it comes to tech, many organizations have not determined their specific needs or are not aware that technology does not have to be one-size-fits-all.

As part of FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES technology procurement consulting services, we help you determine the specific needs of your business and then find solutions that will solve those needs. This allows clients to focus on their core competencies of running their business without taking on the additional tasks of IT system optimization and acquisition.

Our process delivers the following basic promises:

  • Long-term savings: We help you invest your IT expenditure where it can deliver the longest return. This might involve a full-system revamp right now that will serve you long enough to pay off. Our forecasting and planning services help provide an advance vision into the value of such an investment in time and money.
  • Industry experience: You may make large IT investments once every five or 10 years with the expectation that it will serve your needs for a long time. If you're procuring on your own that means that every few years you need to ramp up your knowledge in order to make a smart choice. But the consultants at FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES face these challenges every day. We have the focused knowledge to make smart choices more quickly and efficiently.
  • Third-party voice: Our consulting teams engage all stakeholders to determine where the real needs and requirements are. This allows us to present an unbiased plan that can cut through the wide range of experience and opinions that can create organizational inefficiencies.
  • Vendor relationships: We have existing relationships with many technology suppliers. This allows us to fully understand a wide range of products and how they interact with each other. We also may be able to take advantage of bulk purchasing agreements that aren't available to individual customers.

Supply Chain Consulting

Your supply chain is literally only as strong as it's weakest link.

forklift workers in massive warehouse of products

Small businesses that are just getting started will tend to handle supply chain issues on an ad hoc basis. When a problem presents itself, they will survey the industry and find the solution that presents the least friction at that specific time. However, these least difficult solution at a given moment might not be the best solution for the longterm health of the business.

That's where consulting services from FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES can be a big difference maker. Our process takes a longer look at all available options and can help predict how these choice will affect your business over a longer timeframe.

Our process improves your supply chain solution in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Design: FLATIRON LOGISTICS SERVICES helps you align your supply chain infrastructure with your specific granular business goals. We also build in flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and cost structures.
  • Sourcing: With our help, you can analyze and evaluate all options for sourcing of raw materials and component goods. We have the relationships you need to open up new supply lines and partnerships anywhere in the world.
  • Production: Find out how to optimize production while controlling costs with our evaluation tools and experience, leading the way to a better production solution. Our local connections help us find the production facilities that are most capable of delivering your product on time and with the quality you expect and your customers deserve.
  • Global shipping: We are well-versed in the effective use of technology to track and deliver within performance goals. From large shipping concerns to last-mile delivery, we develop a shipping and transportation plan that meets your needs.
  • Warehouse and distribution: We use data-driven processes to optimize inventory in the warehouse and throughout your distribution network. We support all models of fulfillment, tracking and delivery to help you set up a warehousing and distribution network that works.